Here is Liam at 2.30am on twitcam, even tho he is hungry and has just done two performances on SNL. He spoke to us, while messaging, while changing and while speaking to his dad. He took time out of his night to thank us. He said hello to those that asked, he promised more twitcam sessions with Niall and Zayn. You called him dumb and he took it as a compliment. He is thankful and loves us. Liam James Payne. If you hate him, if you bash him, if you do anything that doesn’t involve loving him, than you have no soul.




"When I was small I had a desk, it was weird cause I wrote on it, ‘when I grow up I want to be a singer’ and I scribed it in. Still on the desk"


at the premiere when the movie came on everyone was still yelling and talking bc the boys had just sat down and so it was really loud and then niall’s talking part in the movie started and niall like yelled from the back of the theater “SHHH I’M TALKING”